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Shanxi Anlun Chemical Company Limited was found in March of 2016.? It is the wholly owned subsidiary of the Sunlite Coking Group.? The Sunlite Coking Group is also the vice chairman of the China Rubber Industry’s carbon black branch.? Anlun employs over 500 employees covering over 400 acres of land.?

Anlun is the world’s largest single carbon black production plant with 11 production lines.? Annual production capacity is 450,000 MT, within which 110,000 MT of semi-reinforcing carbon black and 340,000 MT of reinforcing carbon black.

Anlun utilizes its parent company’s by-products - coal tar and coal gas – for carbon black production.? It also takes advantage of its own by-product – waste gas – to produce electricity, thus completing the cycle for downstream products.

The Shanghai Anlun Company Limited is the sales arm of Shanxi Anlun Company Limited.

The company solemnly held the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party and the July 1st commendation conference
Recently, the Group Corporation has granted 167,000 yuan in grants to 49 students who have been admitted to university, including 5,000 yuan for one and 3,000 yuan for two. This act conveys the deep love of enterprises, encourages the broad masses of workers to attach importance to education, and encourages more workers and children to learn and progress.
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  • Carbon Black For Tyres

  • Specialty Carbon Black

  • Carbon Black For Mechanical Rubber Goods

Carbon Black For Tyres


Tyres, conveyor belts, etc.



Specialty Carbon Black


Plastics, Inks, Coatings, Cables



Carbon Black For Mechanical Rubber Goods


Seals, hoses, tapes, etc.


Shanxi Anlun Chemical Co.,Ltd
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